Three new winners at 34 Raceway this week

| July 1, 2012

Nate Beuseling, Silvis, Il. picked up the IMCA Late Model feature win at 34 Raceway Saturday, June 30. Also pictured is track owner Jeff Laue. Photo by Dana Royer

By Dana Royer/34 Raceway

BURLINGTON, IA (June 30, 2012) - Due to a heavy rain shower during heat race action on June 23, 34 Raceway finished up that night’s program this week with racing action for the late models, modifieds, stock cars, sprints, and 4 cylinders while also adding the sport mods to the program.  Three drivers got their first wins on Fan Appreciation night including Nate Beuseling, Silvis, Il. (late models), Dennis LaVeine, West Burlington (modifieds) and John Oliver, Jr, Danville (stock cars). Returning to the winner’s circle were Donnie Stewart, West Burlington (305 sprints), Tony Dunker, Quincy, Il. (sport mods) and James Roose, Grandview, (4 cylinders). Race fans were treated to an on track driver autograph session during intermission with nearly 50 racers bringing their cars to the front stretch for the popular event.

Coming up this week, July 7  will be Weikert Iron & Metal, TA Auto & Tire, Smoke E. Bones $5 Fan Appreciation Night. Classes in action will be Late Models, Modifieds, Hobby Stocks,  and 4 Cylinders.

John Oliver, Jr, Danville, picked up his first IMCA Stock Car win of the season leading from start to finish in the 20 lap feature. Oliver would have to hold off Alex Buffington and Able Hulls in the final laps to get the win by three car lengths.

Dennis LaVeine, West Burlington, took the lead on lap two of the twenty lap modified feature  and pulled away to get his first win this year. Bill Roberts would follow in second and Josh Foster moved up from mid field to take third.

Tom Bowling, Jr., Danville, took the lead early in the IMCA Late Model feature  and would pull away from the field. But moving up from his third row start was Nate Beuseling. Beuseling would close in on the leader and by lap thirteen of the twenty-five lapper had closed in on Bowling. On lap fifteen Beuseling went to the inside of Bowling coming out of turn three and took the lead. Beuseling would go on to take the checkered flag by a large margin as Tom Goble took second and Mark Burgtorf third

James Roose, Grandview, took the lead from John Whalen on lap three of the twelve lap 4 Cylinder feature and went on to win his second feature this year. Whalen would finish a close second and third went to Nick Wilkerson.

Driving the #3 modified, Tony Dunker, Quincy, Il, picked up his third sport mod feature at 34 Raceway. Dunker took the lead from Sean Wyatt on lap six of the fifteen lap race. After avoiding hitting a lap car that spun, Dunker would go on to take the checkered flag.  John Oliver, Jr. would follow to finish second in  his second race of the night.

The final feature race of the night saw Donnie Steward get his fourth 305 sprint feature win this season at 34 Raceway.

Steward took the lead from Brandyn Martin on lap seventeen of the twenty lap race  pulling away for the win. The race was stopped on the first lap when Dustin Whiting and Tony Bundy both flipped several times on the back stretch but were able to walk away ok.


34 Raceway results from June 30, 2012 (continuation from June 23)


W.T. Gabeline and Sons Trucking 305 Sprints

FEATURE: 1. Donnie Steward, West Burlington, 2. Brandyn Martin, Eldon, 3. John Schulz, West Burlington, 4. Andy Huston, Roseville, Il., 5. Ryan Jamison, Mediapolis, 6. Daniel Bergquist, Burlington, 7 . Harold Pohren, New London, 8. Corey Timmerman, Carman, Il., 9. Dave Getchell, Sperry, 10. Justin Newberry, Danville, 11. Shane Quam, Gladstone, Il., 12. Jacob Glasgow, West Burlington, 13. Chase Wanner, Agency, 14. Kyle Peterson, Gladstone, Il., 15. Nick Guernsey, Burlington, 16. Dustin Whiting, Burlington, 17. Tony Bundy, Monmouth, Il., 18. Shawn Whiting, West Burlington. HEAT WINNERS: Huston, Peterson, Jamison.



FEATURE: 1. Nate Bueseling, Silvis, Il., 2. Tom Goble, Burlington, 3. Mark Burgtorf, Quincy, Il., 4. Tom Bowling, Danville, 5. Colby Springsteen, Wapello, 6. Todd Malmstrom, Silvis, Il., 7. Chuck Hannah, 8. Lonnie Bailey, Quincy, Il., 9. Sam Halstead, New London, 10. Matt Strassheim, Morning Sun, 11. Tom Darbyshire, Morning Sun, 12. Matt Bailey, Quincy, Il., 13. Rob Toland, Davenport. HEAT WINNERS: Darbyshire, Springsteen.



FEATURE: 1. Dennis LaVeine, West Burlington, 2. Bill Roberts, Jr., Burlington, 3. Josh Foster, Montrose, 4. Lonne Heap, Media, Il., 5. Chris Horn, Cedar Rapids, 6. Scott Hogan, Vinton, 7. Dean McGee, Galesburg, Il., 8. Dusty Kraklio, Durant, 9. Mike Weikert, Jr., Muscatine, 10. Kevin, Goben, Sherrard, Il., 11. Andy Krieger, Burlington,  12. Dane Fenton, Burlington, 13. Matt Fulton, Musacatine, 14. Chad Giberson, Packwood, 15. Jamie Smith, Monmouth, 16. Brandon Rothzen, Raritan, Il., 17. Quienten Schoffner, Monmouth, Il., 18. Jeff Waterman, Quincy, Il., 19. Kyle Hill, New London, 20. Jonathan Olmschied, Elrose, Mn. HEAT WINNERS: Roberts, Hogan, LaVeine.



FEATURE: 1. John Oliver, Jr., Danville, 2. Alex Buffington, Wapello, 3. Abe  Huls, Carthage, Il., 4. Jason Cook, Mt. Pleasant, 5. Brett Timmerman, Wapello, 6. Corey Strothman, Mt. Union, 7. Tim Breuer, Burlington, 8. Ray Raker, Danville, 9. Matt Greiner, Washington, 10. Jeremy Pundt, Donnellson, 11. Travis Hartman, Burlington, 12. Jim Lynch, Donnellson, 13. Chris Webb, Biggsville, Il., 14. Jeff Mueller, New London, 15. Derek St. Clair, Donnellson, 16. John Brockway, Morning Sun, 17. Matt Keler, Yarmouth. HEAT WINNERS: Cook, Huls.



FEATURE: 1.  Tony Dunker, Quincy, Il., 2. John Oliver, Jr., Danville, 3. M Joe Bliven, Quincy, Il., 4. Rod Staats, Columbus Jct., 5. Rick Barlow, Jr., Montrose, 6. Adam Shelman, Ames, 7. Richard Sinall, Blandinsville, Il., 8. Tim Zeman, Muscatine, 9. Josh Smith, 10. Sean Wyett, Danville, 11. Creston Williams, Atkins, 12. Levi Smith, Donnellson. HEAT WINNERS: Barlow, Oliver.



FEATURE: 1. James Roose, Grandview, 2. John Whalen, Ainsworth, 3. Nick Wilkerson, Morning Sun, 4. Kevin Mortimer, Biggsville, Il., 5. Mike Hornung, Keokuk, 6. Skip Dunker, 7. Brian Mehaffy, Danville, 8. Bryerson Tharp, Grandview, 9. Jerrod Nichols, Stronghurst, Il., 10. Chris Hartley, Burlington, 11. Bradley Stevenson, Burlington, 12. Dustin Ravelin, Burlington, 13. Casey Mehaffy, Danville, 14. Daytona Fenton, Burlington, 15. Billy Stanford, Wapello, 16. Kody Bass, Muscatine, 17. Chuck Fullenkamp, Fort Madison, 18. Garrett McGinnity. HEAT WINNERS: Nichols, Fullencamp.

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