Scobee Powerline Night at I-35 Speedway!

| October 8, 2017

Dean Wray #77 from Jamesport, MO USRA Stock Car Feature Winner! Photo by Judy Staley

WINSTON, MO (September 7, 2017) –  Getting the night of great racing action started were the always exciting E-Modifieds. Heat winner Austin Bouzek #14B would take the early lead and appear to be the car to beat with Gary Ainsworth #14 in tow until a big crash in turn number one would slow the field. On the ensuing restart Randy Smith Jr #75X whom had worked his way from a tenth starting position, would take the lead as Bouzek would bobble in turn one never to relinquish picking up his second win in as many weeks adding to his point lead. Bouzek would have to settle for second with Ainsworth third. Fourth would see Caleb Pugh #8s who continues to gain spots on the track with fifth going to Jason Nelson #12GA who would recover from being spun and going to the rear of the field charging back to the front. Other heat winners were Dustin Talbott #63D who would take a nasty roll off turn number one but emerge unhurt and Manlee Lamar #4M.

Randy Smith Jr #75X from Hamilton, MO E-Modified Feature Winner!

Grand Nationals would see a battle early between heat winner Nick Newton #711 and point leader Donnie Brown #26 as the green flag was shown. Brown would take the advantage into turn one and never relinquish on his way to his eleventh win of 2017. Previous week winner Chad Fuller #0R would move to the front taking second place moving Newton to finish third on the night. Billie Hoover #97 would end the feature fourth with Danny Martin #98 placing fifth. Other heat winner was John Brown #36J who would suffer problems on the track taking him from win contention.

Donnie Brown #26 from Lancaster, KS Grand National Feature Winner

Pure Stock would see Austin O’Neal #11 dominate both his heat race and feature picking up the win and parking in McCarthy Auto Group Winners Circle. O’Neal would go unchallenged on his way to the win with current point leader Cletus Murray #21M placing second. Jacob Grotewiel #11J would challenge Murray but to no avail ending the feature third. Fourth would belong to C J Turner #91 with Ron Hill backing up his win from the previous week with a solid fifth place showing.

Austin O’Neal #11 from Kearney, MO Pure Stock Feature Winner!

Sport Compact would see Dustin Thompson #24 win both heat and feature picking up his first win at I-35 Speedway this 2017 racing season. Austin King #53 would place a close second with Ron Thompson #24T third. Kevin Prall #14 would race his way to fourth with other heat winner Alvin Cooney a solid fifth place finish.


Dustin Thompson #24 from Bedford, IA Sport Compact Feature Winner!

USRA B-Modified would not see the caution in a loaded field of competitors with side by side racing action. Heat race winner Andy Bryant #28 would serve notice as the Nationals approach that he is a force as he would lead every lap of the feature claiming the win. Jake Richards #17J would battle his way to second with another heat winner Nic Hanes impressing, placing a solid third. Parker Hale #28H would finish fourth with Ed Noll #15 rounding out the night’s top five. Other heat winner was Russell Niehoff #10R.


Andy Bryant #28 from Fort Scott, KS USRA B-Modified Feature Winner!

USRA Stock Car was low in number but high in quality as heat winner Tim Shields #1 and Brett Heeter #05 wo0uld lead the field to the green. Shields would take the front as he and Heeter would do battle until Heeter would take over the front. Heeter would lead until a bent rim would force him from contention with Shields taking the front. Shields would continue to lead until Dean Wray #77 would work his way around to the point and pick up his 19th feature win at I-35 Speedway this 2017 racing season. Greg Gilbert #23 would end the feature second with Gerald Wahwahsuck #11W third. Kristchon Hisel #s20 would have his best finish to date placing fourth with Tim Shields, having some mechanical issues, slipping to fifth.


Dean Wray #77 from Jamesport, MO USRA Stock Car Feature Winner!

USRA Modified would witness a locked and loaded field of drivers as heat winner Lance Town #21T would set the pace. Other heat winners Chad Lyle #16s and Jake Timm #49 would make contact with leader Lance Town forcing the two competitors from competition. Town would continue to lead until Darren Fuqua #87 would get past and never look back picking up the feature win. Fuqua would claim his second win of 2017 at I-35 Speedway moving Town to place second. Gunner Martin #75 would fine the high line working his from the back of the field to the front placing third. Jimmy Eaton #24JR would impress racing among the front runners the entire race placing fourth with Dennis Elliott #29 rounding out the night’s top five.


Darren Fuqua #87 from Mayetta, KS USRA Modified Feature Winner!

Arieonna Rainey 12 volt Power Wheels Feature Winner!

Weston LeRoy Romesburg 6 Volt Power Wheels Feature Winner!

I-35 Speedway would like to thank all our drivers and fans for another great night of racing action. We look forward to seeing everyone for the Summit USRA Nationals starting with practice Wednesday!

See you there!

Race Results I-35 Speedway Winston, MO 10/7/2017


  1. 75X Randy Smith Jr
  2. 14B Austin Bouzek (Heat Race Winner)
  3. 14 Gary Ainsworth
  4. 8s Caleb Pugh
  5. 12GA Jason Nelson
  6. 1L Bobby Lopez
  7. 13 Chris Mercer
  8. 95s A J Sayers
  9. 66x Jim Masoner Jr
  10. 3Y Blaine Yonts
  11. 63D Dustin Talbott (Heat Race Winner)
  12. 2K Zac Keller
  13. 32J Mike Carrington
  14. 4M Manlee Lamar (Heat Race Winner)
  15. 13J Jeffrey Sears

Grand National:

  1. 26 Donnie Brown
  2. 0R Chad Fuller
  3. 711 Nick Newton (Heat Race Winner)
  4. 97 Billie Hoover
  5. 98 Danny Martin
  6. 36J John Brown (Heat Race Winner)
  7. 54 John Hanson
  8. 69JR Tyler Cadwallader
  9. 6 Shane Lawson
  10. 36s Holden Schultz

Pure Stock:

  1. 11 Austin O’Neal (Heat Race Winner)
  2. 21M Cletus Murray
  3. 11J Jacob Grotewiel
  4. 91 C J Turner
  5. 72 Ron Hill
  6. 22H Tim Hoselton
  7. 84 Cody Lee Herpel
  8. 69ER Tyler Cadwallader

Sport Compact:

  1. 24 Dustin Thompson (Heat Race Winner)
  2. 53 Austin King
  3. 24T Ron Thompson
  4. 14 Kevin Prall
  5. 69C Alvin Cooney (Heat Race Winner)
  6. 44 Shawn Huston
  7. 33 Drew Tully
  8. 8P Isaiha Penton
  9. 0 Dakota Girard
  10. 3W Rick Girard

USRA B-Modified:

  1. 28 Andy Bryant (Heat Race Winner)
  2. 17J Jake Richards
  3. 17X Nic Hanes (Heat Race Winner)
  4. 28 Parker Hale
  5. 15 Ed Noll
  6. 10R Russell Niehoff (Heat Race Winner)
  7. 05 Jeremy Lile
  8. 14 Kameron Grindstaff
  9. 22W Bud Wilson
  10. 72 Anthony hill
  11. 20J Jackson Hale
  12. 32P Jeremy Pittsenbarger
  13. 50Z Trevor Dunn
  14. 10 Johnny McGinnis
  15. 22B Mitch Booher
  16. 99M Skyler Nolker
  17. 57 Randy Ainsworth
  18. 10H Garrett Hill

USRA Stock Car:

  1. 77 Dean Wray
  2. 23 Greg Gilbert
  3. 11W Gerald Wahwahsuck
  4. S20 Kristchon Hisel
  5. 1 Tim Shields (Heat Race Winner)
  6. 05 Bret Heeter
  7. 46 David Holcomb

USRA Modified:

  1. 87 Darren Fuqua
  2. 21T Lance Town (Heat Race Winner)
  3. 75 Gunner Martin
  4. 24JR Jimmy Dean Eaton
  5. 29 Dennis Elliott
  6. 78 Derrick Hicks
  7. 53R Ronnie Woods
  8. 21 Danan Knott
  9. R21 Ryan Schaffer
  10. 48 Jimmy Dowell
  11. 2H John Hanson
  12. 97 Houston Johnson
  13. 22H Clay Hale
  14. 175 Jason Park
  15. 98 Austin Johnson
  16. 49 Jake Timm (Heat Race Winner)
  17. 16s Chad Lyle (Heat Race Winner)
  18. 99J Billie Hoover
  19. 5 Kevin McGinnis

Heartland Missions and Motorsports Kids Power Wheels:

6 Volt:

  1. 20X Weston Leroy Romesburg

12 Volt:

  1. 75 Arieonna Rainey


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