VanderBeek captures USMTS Show-Me Shootout at Lucas Oil Speedway

| August 7, 2016
Zack VanderBeek prevailed in the USMTS Slick Mist Shootout on Saturday night at Lucas Oil Speedway. (Dylan Robinson photo)

Zack VanderBeek prevailed in the USMTS Slick Mist Shootout on Saturday night at Lucas Oil Speedway. (Dylan Robinson photo)


Wheatland, Missouri (August 7, 2016) –  Zack VanderBeek took the lead just before the halfway point and went to beat a star-studded field of the nation’s top Modified racers in Saturday night’s 7th annual Slick Mist Show-Me Shootout at Lucas Oil Speedway.

Race three of the USMTS Hunt for the Casey’s Cup saw VanderBeek, of New Sharon, Iowa., collect $3,000 by leading the final 22 laps. Ryan Gustin finished second with defending USMTS National Champion Jason Hughes third.

Others winners on the Lucas Oil Speedway program Presented by Foley Equipment were Johnny Coats (Carson’s Corner NAPA Street Stocks) and Shawn Strong (Ozark Golf Cars B Mods).

VanderBeek made it three different winners in three nights as the 22-race Hunt series gets underway, following Rodney Sanders and Terry Phillips into victory lane.

Phillips, from his inside second row starting position, bolted to the lead by the end of lap one. The veteran Springfield driver held it, with Cade Dillard pressuring him, until VanderBeek made it a three-car battle when the race’s first caution flew on lap 14 when Dereck Ramirez spun.

VanderBeek worked his way past Phillips and into the lead coming out of turn four to complete lap 18.

Hughes, the early Hunt points leader, continued his march toward the front from an 18th-starting position as he slipped past Phillips and Gustin and into second on lap 32. The race’s fifth caution flew to set up a seven-lap shootout to the finish.

VanderBeek was up to the challenge, roaring away on the re-start for a commanding victory – his sixth of the USMTS season. Gustin, who started 20th, finished second with Hughes third, Dillard fourth and Phillips – who won Friday’s USMTS Hunt race at Humboldt (Kan.) Speedway winding up fifth.

“This place is awesome,” VanderBeek said of Lucas Oil Speedway. “I wish there was a hundred of tracks like this around the country.”

As for the final restart, VanderBeek said he just had to worry about doing his own thing.

“With guys like Hughes and Gustin behind you, it’s tough to know where to run,” VanderBeek said. “So I just ran the line I run the whole race.”

Johnny Coats earned his first Street Stock feature win of the season. (Dylan Robinson photo)

The defending Show-Me Shootout champion, Johnny Scott of Las Cruces, N.M., was the second car out of the race when he was felled by early mechanical issues.

Coats cashes in: Johnny Coats led the Carson’s Corner NAPA Street Stocks feature for about 400 feet – the final 400 feet. That was all the Joplin driver needed to post his first victory of the season.

Coats inherited the lead coming out of turn four when leaders Derek Brown and Republic’s Burl Woods tangled. Woods’ slide job on Brown in turn two put him into the lead but the two got together entering the final turn as Brown, of Stoutland, made a low-side in an effort to win his 10th feature of the season.

“Burl and Derek are definitely in a class of their own,” Coats said. “We definitely got lucky tonight.”

Shawn Strong of Billings led all the way to capture the B-Mod feature. (Dylan Robinson photo)

Woods, who drove into contention from a 10th starting spot, was able to keep his car going to finish second. Darrin Crisler of Clever was third and James Flood of Crane finished fourth.

Strong takes B-Mod win: Shawn Strong of Billings led all 20 laps to capture the Ozark Golf Cars B-Mod victory, his second trip win of the season.

Strong held on after a restart with four laps to go. Lebanon’s Kris Jackson was second and season points leader J.C. Morton of Springfield was third.

The victory for strong snapped a streak of back-to-back runner-up finishes. His other feature win came on June 25.

The AR Bodies Hard Charger for Street Stocks went to Brian Schutt of Lebanon, who went from 20th to sixth. He earned a $50 product certificate from AR Bodies.

Battle of the Badges: Fred Stotler of the St. Charles County Police Department, beat eight others to win the Battle of the Badges race.

Proceeds from the event, with the competing police officers raising at least $500 to enter, went to Special Olympics of Missouri. All the cars in the race at one point were police cruisers.

Up next: No racing is scheduled next weekend at Lucas Oil Speedway. The next action is Aug. 20 with Travel Centers of America Night at the Races Presented by Petro Stopping Centers.

The Pitts Homes USRA Modifieds will be featured, running a special 25-lap feature paying $750 to win. Other classes in action include the ALPS Food Store ULMA Late Models, the Carson’s Corner Napa Street Stocks and the Ozark Golf Cars USRA B-Mods.

Gates will open at 5 p.m. with hot laps at 7 and racing at 7:30 in the next-to-last Budweiser Weekly Championship Series program before the season championships on Aug. 27.

For complete Lucas Oil Speedway event information, archived stories, ticket info and schedule information for the season, visit

7th annual Slick Mist Show-Me Shootout
A Feature
1. (5) 33z Zack VanderBeek, New Sharon, IA, LG2/Sput’s, $3,000.
2. (20) 19R Ryan Gustin, Marshalltown, IA, Hughes/Mullins, $1,700.
3. (18) 12 Jason Hughes, Watts, OK, Hughes/Mullins, $1,200.
4. (4) 97 Cade Dillard, Robeline, LA, MBCustom/ASI, $1,000.
5. (3) 75 Terry Phillips, Springfield, MO, GRT/Durham, $900.
6. (16) 20 Rodney Sanders, Happy, TX, MBCustom/Hatfield, $800.
7. (19) 37 Mike Jergens, Plover, IA, Harris/KSE, $700.
8. (14) 186 Jeremy Payne, Springfield, MO, GRT/Durham, $650.
9. (25) 99 Jesse Sobbing, Malvern, IA, Harris/GMPP, $600.
10. (11) 4r Dereck Ramirez, Woodward, OK, LG2/Cornett, $550.
11. (17) 88d Matt Dotson, Hallsville, MO, Rage/ProPower, $500.
12. (26) 4 Cody Bauman, Eureka, IL, GRT/Mullins, $450.
13. (7) 4 Dan Powers, Wichita, KS, BillsBuilt/KBS, $425.
14. (21) 91 Joe Duvall, Claremore, OK, MBCustom/BMS, $400.
15. (27) 17 Mike Striegel, Wheatland, MO, GRT/GMPP, $375.
16. (9) 81 Mike Densberger, Lincoln, NE, Jet/Speedway, $350.
17. (10) 98 Jeff Cutshaw, Bolivar, MO, GRT/SCP, $250.
18. (1) 40 Jessy Willard, Mound City, KS, Willard/Willard, $250.
19. (2) 52 Mitch Keeter, Joplin, MO, Hoffman/Yeoman, $250.
20. (23) 38c Jason Pursley, Hermitage, MO, GRT/Midstate, $250.
21. (24) 02 Tanner Mullens, Wichita, KS, Mullens/Mullens, $300.
22. (8) 21T Lance Town, Wellsville, KS, Phoenix/Driskell, $300.
23. (28) 23 Lucas Dobbs, El Dorado Springs, MO, /, $250.
24. (15) 52 Chad Davis, Tulsa, OK, RaceCraft/BMS, $250.
25. (6) 2s Stormy Scott, Arroyo Hondo, NM, Lethal/Mullins, $400.
26. (12) 16 Austin Siebert, Grandview, MO, MBCustom/Mullins, $300.
27. (13) 1st Johnny Scott, Las Cruces, NM, Lethal/Durham, $400.
28. (22) 00 Masen Big Eagle, Manor, SK, GRT/Tim’s, $300.

First heat – 1, Cade Dillard. 2, Jeff Cutshaw. 3, Cody Bauman. 4, Mike Jergens. 5, Chad Davis. 6, Brian Williams. 7, Johnny Bone Jr. 8, Chad Wheeler. 9, Brock Bauman.
Second heat – 1, Lance Town. 2, Jessy Willard. 3, Mike Deaterger. 4, Matt Dotson. 5, Joe Duvall. 6, Gene Nicholas. 7, Evan Hubert. 8, Mickey Burrell. 9, Trevor Latham.
Third heat – 1, Stormy Scott. 2, Dereck Ramirez. 3, Jason Hughes. 4, Rodney Sanders. 5, Masen Big Eagle. 6, Tanner Mullens. 7, Mike Striegel. 8, Adam Kates. 9, Terry Henson.
Fourth heat – 1, Mitch Keeter. 2, Austin Siebert. 3, Terry Phillips. 4, Ryan Gustin. 5, Jesse Sobbing. 6, Tyler Davis. 7, Gary Clark. 8, Blonde Bomber Mitchell. 9, Jett Big Eagle.
Fifth heat – 1, Dan Powers. 2, Zack VanderBeek. 3, Johnny Scott. 4, Jeremy Payne. 5, Jason Pursley. 6, Tyler Wolff. 7, Daniel Hilsabeck. 8, Lucas Dobbs. 9, Robbie Test.
B Main 1 – 1. (1) 1st Johnny Scott, Las Cruces, NM. 2. (6) 52 Chad Davis, Tulsa, OK. 3. (5) 88d Matt Dotson, Hallsville, MO. 4. (4) 37 Mike Jergens, Plover, IA. 5. (3) 91 Joe Duvall, Claremore, OK. 6. (7) 38c Jason Pursley, Hermitage, MO. 7. (10) 22d Daniel Hilsabeck, Adel, IA., Hilsabeck/Mullins, $90. 8. (15) 6 Brock Bauman, Eureka, IL., GRT/Mullins, $400. 9. (12) 116 Gary Clark, Walker, MO., Lethal/Mullins, $75. 10. (17) 27t Robbie Test, Kaiser, MO., Shaw/Creason, $75. 11. (13) 9 Evan Hubert, Cross Timbers, MO., VictoryCircle/RoushYates, $75.
12. (16) T2 Terry Henson, North Little Rock, AR., Shaw/, $75. 13. (9) 65 Tyler Davis, Haysville, KS., GRT/Hatfield, $75. 14. (11) 11N Gene Nicholas, Lowell, AR., Hughes/Kelly, $75. 15. (14) b29 Blonde Bomber Mitchell, Pea Ridge, AR., Hughes/BMS, $90. 16. (8) 26 Brian Williams, Fayetteville, AR., Hughes/Mullins, $90. 17. (2) 4 Cody Bauman, Eureka, IL.
B Main 2 – 1. (1) 186 Jeremy Payne, Springfield, MO. 2. (4) 20 Rodney Sanders, Happy, TX. 3. (2) 12 Jason Hughes, Watts, OK. 4. (5) 19R Ryan Gustin, Marshalltown, IA. 5. (3) 00 Masen Big Eagle, Manor, SK. 6. (7) 02 Tanner Mullens, Wichita, KS. 7. (10) 12b Johnny Bone Jr., Pea Ridge, AR., IROC/Yeoman, $75. 8. (11) 17 Mike Striegel, Wheatland, MO. 9. (15) 27L Trevor Latham, Rogers, AR., Hughes/BCD, $90.10. (8) 73 Mickey Burrell, Fair Grove, MO., TRE/BMS, $75. 11. (13) 23 Adam Kates, Tonganoxie, KS., LG2/Speedway, $90.12. (16) 99 Jett Big Eagle, Manor, SK., MBCustom/ProPower, $90. 13. (14) 23 Lucas Dobbs, El Dorado Springs, MO.
14. (9) 4w Tyler Wolff, Fayetteville, AR., MBCustom/Hatfield, $90. 15. (6) 99 Jesse Sobbing, Malvern, IA. 16. (12) 88 Chad Wheeler, Muskogee, OK., GRT/Durham, $90.

A-Feature: 1. Shawn Strong (Billings, MO), 2. Kris Jackson (Lebanon, MO), 3. JC Morton (Springfield, MO), 4. Kaeden Cornell (Willard, MO), 5. Galen Hassler (Columbia, MO), 6. Dylan Allen (Chanute, KS), 7. Tyler Brown (Richland, MO), 8. Andy Bryant (Fort Scott, KS), 9. Mike Tanner (Smithville, Mo), 10. Cody Jolly (Jasper, MO), 11. Jerry Morgan (Ft. Scott, KS), 12. Tyler Lewis (Columbia , MO), 13. Dalton McKenney (Clarksville, MO), 14. Jayden Bears (Smithville, Mo), 15. Andrew Smith (Rogersville, MO), 16. Brian Myers (Lebanon, MO), 17. Yancy Shepard (Edgerton, MO), 18. Hunter Byers (Rogers, Ar), 19. Cody Frazon (LaMonte, MO), 20. Chase Austin (Eudora , KS), 21. Derek Watson (Willard, MO), 22. Rusty Rickard (Shell Knob, Mo), 23. Rusty Skaggs (Fort Scott, Ks), 24. Brian McGowen (Pittsburg, Ks), 25. Michael Maggard (Republic, MO).
B-Feature 1: 1. Jerry Morgan (Ft. Scott, KS), 2. Rusty Rickard (Shell Knob, Mo), 3. Ryan Lewis (Urbana, MO), 4. Andy Chrisenberry (Chilhowee, MO), 5. Jacob Davis (Strafford, Mo), 6. Jason Mallory (Solomon, Ks), 7. Quentin Taylor (Flemington, Mo), 8. Robert Heydenreich (Bolivar, MO), 9. Steve Johnson (Joplin, Mo), 10. Gary Fain (Lone Jack, MO).
B-Feature 2: 1. Brian McGowen (Pittsburg, Ks), 2. Tyler Brown (Richland, MO), 3. Sam Petty (Marshfield, MO), 4. Shawn Duncan (Lockwood, Mo), 5. Mike Hailman (Reeds Spring, Mo), 6. Donald McIntosh, 7. Bill Schaar (St. Robert, Mo), 8. Casey Thomas (Camdenton, MO), 9. Nate Thomas (N/A, MO).
B-Feature 3: 1. Andrew Smith (Rogersville, MO), 2. Chase Austin (Eudora , KS), 3. Tyler Kidwell (Chanute, Ks), 4. Jim Cihy (Warsaw, MO), 5. Jeff McNew (Blue Springs, MO), 6. Rod Inman (Springfield, Mo), 7. Jacob Faibian (Nevada, Mo.), 8. Hunter Byers (Rogers, Ar), 9. Andrew Page (Columbia, Mo).
B-Feature 4: 1. Michael Maggard (Republic, MO), 2. Jayden Bears (Smithville, Mo), 3. Tanner Calhoun (Hermitage, MO), 4. Donald Jackson (Lebanon, MO), 5. Kevin Morrow (Nevada, Mo), 6. Brent Bloom (Nevada, MO), 7. Tyler Imhoff (Boonville, Mo), 8. Riley Whitworth (Humbolt, KS), 9. Jeff Gray (Ozark, Mo).
Heat 1: 1. Kaeden Cornell (Willard, MO), 2. Brian Myers (Lebanon, MO), 3. Dalton McKenney (Clarksville, MO), 4. Jerry Morgan (Ft. Scott, KS), 5. Tyler Kidwell (Chanute, Ks), 6. Brian McGowen (Pittsburg, Ks), 7. Riley Whitworth (Humbolt, KS), 8. Casey Thomas (Camdenton, MO), 9. Jacob Davis (Strafford, Mo), 10. Sam Petty (Marshfield, MO), 11. Chase Austin (Eudora , KS).
Heat 2: 1. Yancy Shepard (Edgerton, MO), 2. Cody Frazon (LaMonte, MO), 3. Mike Tanner (Smithville, Mo), 4. Rusty Skaggs (Fort Scott, Ks), 5. Andrew Smith (Rogersville, MO), 6. Jayden Bears (Smithville, Mo), 7. Steve Johnson (Joplin, Mo), 8. Donald Jackson (Lebanon, MO), 9. Donald McIntosh, 10. Jeff McNew (Blue Springs, MO), 11. Tyler Imhoff (Boonville, Mo).
Heat 3: 1. Shawn Strong (Billings, MO), 2. Derek Watson (Willard, MO), 3. JC Morton (Springfield, MO), 4. Robert Heydenreich (Bolivar, MO), 5. Michael Maggard (Republic, MO), 6. Rusty Rickard (Shell Knob, Mo), 7. Jim Cihy (Warsaw, MO), 8. Rod Inman (Springfield, Mo), 9. Andrew Page (Columbia, Mo), 10. Kevin Morrow (Nevada, Mo), 11. Ryan Lewis (Urbana, MO.)
Heat 4: 1. Dylan Allen (Chanute, KS), 2. Tyler Lewis (Columbia , MO), 3. Cody Jolly (Jasper, MO), 4. Tyler Brown (Richland, MO), 5. Andy Chrisenberry (Chilhowee, MO), 6. Hunter Byers (Rogers, Ar), 7. Shawn Duncan (Lockwood, Mo), 8. Gary Fain (Lone Jack, MO), 9. Tanner Calhoun (Hermitage, MO), 10. Jason Mallory (Solomon, Ks).
Heat 5: 1. Kris Jackson (Lebanon, MO), 2. Andy Bryant (Fort Scott, KS), 3. Galen Hassler (Columbia, MO), 4. Mike Hailman (Reeds Spring, Mo), 5. Brent Bloom (Nevada, MO), 6. Bill Schaar (St. Robert, Mo), 7. Jacob Faibian (Nevada, Mo.), 8. Jeff Gray (Ozark, Mo), 9. Quentin Taylor (Flemington, Mo), 10. Nate Thomas.

A-Feature: 1. Johnny Coats (Joplin, MO), 2. Burl Woods (Republic, MO), 3. Darrin Crisler (Clever, MO), 4. James Flood (Crane, Mo), 5. Toby Ott (Wheatland, MO), 6. Brian Schutt (Lebanon, MO), 7. Sundance Keepper (South Greenfield, MO), 8. Kenny Carroll (Camdenton, MO), 9. Steve Beach (Eldon, MO), 10. Ted Welschmeyer (Tebbetts, MO), 11. Jedediah Rogers (Lebanon, MO), 12. Larry Ferris (Kansas City, KS), 13. Marc Carter (Warrensburg, MO), 14. Tim Petty (Niangua, MO), 15. Craig Danuser (Montreal, MO), 16. Derek Brown (Stoutland, MO), 17. Bradley Gideon (Ozark, MO), 18. Joe Francis (Lebanon, MO), 19. Mike Bitner (Frontenac, Ks), 20. Jay Flinn (Lebanon, MO), 21. Tyler Schoen (Half Way, Mo), 22. Charles Brown (Hume, MO), 23. Chad Coleman (Mound City, KS), 24. Casey Meads (Clinton, MO), 25. Robert Maggard (Springfield, MO).
Heat 1: 1. Johnny Coats (Joplin, MO), 2. Sundance Keepper (South Greenfield, MO), 3. Steve Beach (Eldon, MO), 4. Burl Woods (Republic, MO), 5. Bradley Gideon (Ozark, MO), 6. Ted Welschmeyer (Tebbetts, MO), 7. Casey Meads (Clinton, MO), 8. Robert Maggard (Springfield, MO), 9. Charles Brown (Hume, MO).
Heat 2: 1. Derek Brown (Stoutland, MO), 2. Kenny Carroll (Camdenton, MO), 3. Darrin Crisler (Clever, MO), 4. Joe Francis (Lebanon, MO), 5. Chad Coleman (Mound City, KS), 6. Mike Bitner (Frontenac, Ks), 7. Brian Schutt (Lebanon, MO), 8. Jay Flinn (Lebanon, MO).
Heat 3: 1. James Flood (Crane, Mo), 2. Tim Petty (Niangua, MO), 3. Toby Ott (Wheatland, MO), 4. Craig Danuser (Montreal, MO), 5. Jedediah Rogers (Lebanon, MO), 6. Larry Ferris (Kansas City, KS), 7. Marc Carter (Warrensburg, MO), 8. Tyler Schoen (Halfway, Mo).

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