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Double features at Red Cloud
By Mike Hughes

RED CLOUD, NE (May 11) - Race fans at The Speed Bowl in Red Cloud, NE, were treated to double features Friday night, May 11. The evening started off with make-up features from the rainout on May 4, followed by a complete race program.

Red Cloud’s Lonnie Schriner took the lead from Larry Sutton on the second lap of the IMCA Modified make-up feature and led the distance to the checkers. Schriner was hounded by Johnny ‘The Jet’ Saathoff most of the way but was able to hold him off to the finish. Jason Schoenberger finished third, followed by Dan Nelson and Sutton.

Troy Attwood led the first 5 laps of the IMCA Stock Car make-up feature before Guide Rock’s Matt Streit took over the top spot. The red flag came out on lap 12 of the 15-lap race when Josh Hudson of Kensington, KS, got wide out of turn 2, got up against the fence and rolled his car a couple of times. Hudson escaped unharmed but was finished for the race. Streit led the field back to green and to the finish line. Cory Struckhoff finished second, trailed by Jared Remus, Martin Newlin and Terry Franz.

Hometown driver Jared Lewis led all 12 laps of the IMCA Hobby Stock make-up feature. Joe McDole kept Lewis in sight the second half of the race but had to settle for second. Jerry Hudson was third, followed by Wade Wagenblast and Jim Buss.

Adam Sidlo & E.J. Kothe of Hastings led from green to checkered in the Cruiser make-up feature, while the 4-cylinder Young Guns made their debut with Josh Jacobitz of Nelson picking up the win.

After the heat races were complete, the regular features then took to the track.

Troy Johnson took the lead at the start of the IMCA Modified feature and pulled away from the field until he got high in turn 1 on lap 5 and tangled with the guardrail. That put the ‘Red Cloud Rocket’ Lonnie Schriner in the top spot on the restart. Schriner was able to lead the remaining distance of the caution filled race for his second win of the night. Jason Schoenberger exchanged the lead with Schriner a couple of times the last half of the race, but Schoenberger’s run came to an end on lap 15 when he went to the pits while under caution when Johnny Saathoff got caught up in the guardrail in turn 1. Jordan Grabouski then challenged Schriner the final few laps but could not make the pass and had to settle for the runner-up spot. Brian Calhoon, Tim Watts and Dan Nelson rounded out the top five.

The IMCA Stock Car feature got off to a wild start when Tracy Holloway of Osborne, KS, got wide out of turn 2 on lap two, tangled with the fence and flipped his car a couple of times. Holloway was taken to the local hospital for observation. Wayne Walker of Smith Center, KS, led the field back to green and held off challenges by Brett Behrends, Josh Hudson (who made repairs after rolling his car earlier in the evening) and Lance Borgman to score his first ever feature win. Hudson would finish second, followed by Behrends, Borgman, and Jason Smidt. Following the race, Brent Drohman claimed the motor of Josh Hudson, who accepted the claim.

Red Cloud’s Joe McDole led the first 2 laps of the IMCA Hobby Stock feature before Wade Wagenblast took over the top spot. However McDole reclaimed the lead on lap 7 and beat Wagenblast to the checkers for the win. Rocky Zimmerman placed third, followed by Jerry Hudson and Max Harder.

David Theer of Lawrence and Troy Himmelberg of Hastings took top honors in the Cruiser feature, while Josh Jacobitz doubled up in the 4-cylinder Young Gun class.

The Mod Lites & Dwarf Cars will join the regular five divisions this Friday night, May 18. Racing begins at 8:00 p.m.


IMCA Hobby Stocks
Make-up Feature: 1. Jared Lewis, 2. Joe McDole, 3. Jerry Hudson, 4. Wade Wagenblast, 5. Jim Buss, 6. Delbert Selvage, 7. Max Harder, 8. Rocky Zimmerman, 9. T.C. McKain, 10. Matt Henke, 11. Anthony Martin, 12. Rhett Kingsbury, 13. Pat Hersh, 14. Andrew Lovegrove, 15. Dillon Thompson, 16. Mike Shriver (DNF), 17. Brian Hilber (DNF), 18. Roger Couse (DNS).
Heat 1: 1. Wagenblast, 2. Selvage, 3. Thompson, 4. McKain.
Heat 2: 1. Zimmerman, 2. Hudson, 3. McDole, 4. Harder.

Heat 3: 1. Lewis, 2. Buss, 3. Hersh, 4. Chad Borgman.

Feature: 1. McDole, 2. Wagenblast, 3. Zimmerman, 4. Hudson, 5. Harder, 6. Lewis, 7. B.J. Dauer, 8. Buss, 9. Hilber, 10. Borgman, 11. McKain, 12. Thompson, 13. Selvage, 14. Kingsbury, 15. Henke, 16. Hersh, 17. Jim Lang (DNF), 18. Lovegrove (DNF), 19. Tim Glass (DNF), 20. Martin (DNS), 21. Shriver (DNS).

IMCA Stock Cars
Make-up Feature: 1. Matt Streit, 2. Cory Struckhoff, 3. Jared Remus, 4. Martin Newlin, 5. Terry Franz, 6. Jason Smidt, 7. Brett Behrends, 8. Wayne Walker, 9. Brent Drohman, 10. Jason McCartney, 11. Troy Attwood (DNF), 12. Brant Beam (DNF), 13. Chad Wulf (DNF), 14. Tracy Holloway (DNF), 15. Josh Hudson (DNF), 16. Lance Borgman (DNF).

Heat 1: 1. Behrends, 2. Borgman, 3. Walker, 4. Holloway.

Heat 2: 1. Hudson, 2. Struckhoff, 3. Newlin, 4. Drohman.

Feature: 1. Walker, 2. Hudson, 3. Behrends, 4. Borgman, 5. Smidt, 6. Remus, 7. Attwood, 8. Drohman, 9. Franz, 10. McCartney, 11. Streit, 12. Struckhoff (DNF), 13. Beam (DNF), 14. John Huffman (DNF), 15. Wulf (DNF), 16. Newlin (DNF), 17. Holloway (DNF).

IMCA Modifieds
Make-up Feature: 1. Lonnie Schriner, 2. Johnny Saathoff, 3. Jason Schoenberger, 4. Dan Nelson, 5. Larry Sutton, 6. Brandon Blochlinger, 7. Josh Carpenter, 8. Brian Calhoon, 9. Scott Smith, 10. Devon Housh, 11. Lonnie Veteto, 12. Jeff Linner, 13. Caesare Linner (DNF), 14. Tim Watts (DNF), 15. Jordan Grabouski (DNF), 16. Micaah Johnson (DNF), 17. Dusty Blake (DNS).

Heat 1: 1. Saathoff, 2. Schoenberger, 3. Troy Johnson, 4. Smith.

Heat 2: 1. Sutton, 2. Schriner, 3. Watts, 4. Blake.

Heat 3: 1. Housh, 2. Travis Mack.

Feature: 1. Schriner, 2. Grabouski, 3. Calhoon, 4. Watts, 5. Nelson, 6. Sutton, 7. Smith, 8. Blake, 9. Mack, 10. Carpenter, 11. Housh, 12. C. Linner, 13. J. Linner, 14. Schoenberger (DNF), 15. Saathoff (DNF), 16. Blochlinger (DNF), 17. T. Johnson (DNF), 18. Josh Lester (DNF), 19. Veteto (DNS), 20. M. Johnson (DNS).

Make-up Feature: 1. Adam Sidlo/E.J. Kothe, 2. Jeremy Teselle/Doug Monty, 3. Curtis Craig/Shellito, 4. David Theer/Troy Himmelberg, 5. Drew Barry/Ethan Vogler, 6. Robert Mason/Lance Ellis (DNF).

Heat: 1. Craig/Shellito, 2. Sidlo/Kothe, 3. Teselle/Monty, 4. Barry/Vogler.

Feature: 1. Theer/Himmelberg, 2. Josh Graczyk/Chris Graczyk, 3. Teselle/Monty, 4. Craig/Shellito, 5. Sidlo/Kothe (DNF), 6. Barry/Vogler (DNF), 7. Mason/Ellis (DNS).

Young Guns
Make-up Feature: 1. Josh Jacobitz, 2. Andy Sole, 3. Jeff Pfeifer, 4. Troy Porter.

Heat: 1. Sole, 2. Jacobitz, 3. Porter.

Feature: 1. Jacobitz, 2. Pfeifer, 3. Porter, 4. Sole.